Cloud Based Call Center Solution

With the help of a cloud-based call center solution, you can expect smooth business communication with the least amount of investment possible

Cloud Based Call Center Solution in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Cloud Contact Centre comes with various features such as call recording, hold and transfer the call, voicemail, callback, call routing to available agents reducing customer’s wait time. You can access the contact centre on your smartphone giving better control and analysis over the business calls. This also makes it possible to attend and manage customer calls 24*7 and on-the-go. Greet your customers with a personalised message and pick your favorite tune for the wait time thus enhancing the customer experience.

Features of Cloud Contact Center


Call recording

It is easy to record all the incoming and outgoing calls in real-time and save them somewhere to listen to them later. The highest quality of the sounds is recorded.


Call control

With features like mute, hold and warm transfer, quote callback, and voicemail features, you can increase the customer's wait time.


SMS Integration

Each & every Caller gets Automated System Generated SMS for every Answered or Missed Calls. Content Can be changed with TRAI Approval.


Concurrent calls

Now you will respond to an infinite number of incoming and outgoing calls to maximize the agent's efficiency.


Call routing

With our robust call routing system, you can answer all customers' calls with the available agents. All the calls will be routed to the free agents so that the customer won't have to face a lot of wait time.


Mobile app access

To have greater control and visibility over business calls, you can easily access the contact center on your smartphone. This is to ensure that you have superior customer support with an integrated contact center.

Benefits of Cloud Contact Center

Cloud platforms are easy to integrate, so they gain deeper valuable insights into all the customer conversations.

Easy to set up and activate

You can easily integrate your existing CRM software and grant easy access to all your customers when you have a smart plug-and-play solution.

Be omnipresent

You can easily forward all the incoming customer calls to your agent’s mobile numbers, making it easier to manage business calls anywhere.

Minimum investment with no CapEx

This is one of the most effective economical solutions to manage comprehensive calls without any infrastructure requirement.

Enhance caller experience

With the use of personalized regional greetings or customized music, you can optimize your customers’ experience. You can also use skill-based agent routing

Enhance workforce productivity

This can be one of the most resourceful solutions as you can save bandwidth, resources, and a lot of costs. The whole aim is to provide a qualitative customer engagement experience. This advanced contact center solution is successful in doing so

Agents performance insights

Now you can easily track and record all the conversations between the agent and customer. This is to gain deeper insight and analyze the performance of the agents.

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Popular Question

  • Interactive voice response
  • A sophisticated IVR solution
    Call forwarding
    Call transferring
    Call conferencing
    Skill-based routin
Our cloud call center solutions provide direct routing of the incoming calls to the available agents. With this, the customers can experience real-time updates on wait time and customize the music. And with this, we can always ensure that all the incoming calls are answered quickly or are directed to the right agent who will be able to solve the specific query. The main goal of a call routing system is to ensure that the caller journey is enhanced with increased customer satisfaction. When the best connectivity is delivered to the customers, it will overly enhance the call inexperience.
Interactive voice response is an automated technology where all the incoming callers are facilitated for the phone system. It is used to get information through a prerecorded voice response system. If the IVR is active, then the caller does not need to speak to any agent. With a set of recorded menu options, the customers can use the keypad selection or speech recognition to root their calls to the concerned department or specialists. One of the best things about this system is that it is a cloud-based system and is available 24/7. If you face an outgoing call, a text is converted to a speech or prerecorded message to send to several people. Next, the caller can interact with the options provided by choosing one of the options
When you have a comprehensive contact center solution, you can easily manage majority of your tally calling operations. With the help of automation and minimal investment, start-ups and enterprises can provide the best call management efficiency. This can help scale up your business without the barriers like downtime or investment. You can contact Voice Etc to access all the special offers that are designed exclusively for you.
With an inbound call center, you can manage all the incoming calls in an organization. You can also manage all the incoming calls, text emails, and live chat queries easily. Using voice inbound contact center software, you will handle many incoming calls and easily facilitate routing of the calls to the right agent with the right skill set. Now all the answers can be provided to the customers easily by the agent on call who will resolve all the queries quickly.
With an outbound call center, you can manage all the outgoing communications of every potential customer and buyer. Many start-ups and enterprises use this outbound call center to engage and reach out to several targeted lists of customers through calls, messages, and emails. The major objective of this is to create an outreach campaign with the right outbound contact center solutions. This ensures more cell or receives customer feedback.