How to set up IVR for your e-commerce Business?

The digital revolution has become an integral part of the expansion plans of companies of all sizes in recent years. You may achieve better growth and give your clients a better experience by quickly adopting these technological changes. One of these technological changes is IVR, which becomes a must have if you are connecting with clients via phone and if you have substantial call traffic.

What makes IVR essential for your business?

  • Taking care of too many phone calls at once can be difficult. You might not be able to help as many people as you’d want if you have to transfer calls a lot. If your live agents are swamped with calls every day, an IVR system can help them get through more quickly and route consumers to the right people on the team.
  • Depending on the business, IVR services can be a lifesaver at different points in the customer journey. Companies are implementing IVR systems as part of a larger strategy for customization and engagement in order to increase the proportion of wallet spent on sales, service, and branding while also fostering consumer trust.
  • Reduced caller wait times and increased operator availability are two benefits of a well-designed IVR system that gives callers self-service options. With the right IVR system, your business may improve phone handling and the customer service they provide.
  • Telecom providers often provide customers with automated speech systems called IVRs, or interactive voice response systems. This business communication solution improves the way your firm communicates with callers.
  • An interactive voice response system can improve call quality for online retailers by managing the volume of incoming calls. Users can complete short tasks with it instead of waiting on hold for an agent or worker. Furthermore, it learns the caller’s requirements through conversation with pre-recorded messages and caller input. After that, the calls are directed to the relevant division or organization.

How can you configure an interactive voice response system for your e-commerce business?

It only takes a few minutes to set up an IVR menu. VoIP has simplified IVR setup, so managing call routing for a single phone number no longer requires consulting an IT expert.

Follow these steps and you can have an IVR system for your business from Voice ETC in less than a day:

  • Call the number +91 9016544566 to speak with an agent from Voice ETC, the industry-leading software for call centers.
  • Give us your feedback on the company’s interactive voice response system and any suggestions for improvements, such as the ability to record calls, make outbound calls, set up a call queue, etc.
  • You may get your company’s IVR set up in as little as one business day once you provide the necessary details to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.
  • Once KYC is done and your system is in place, consider modifying your menu items to better suit your customers’ needs if you aren’t already satisfying their most basic wants.
  • You will initially see a dashboard that appears when a new user logs into the system.
  • On top of the screen, you’ll see the “Manage” button. Call flows for users, departments, and design are some of the options accessible, use them to configure your IVR system.
  • Click on the “Users” menu. Users are the customers and employees of your company. In this role, they will interact with clients over the phone and through interactive voice response (IVR) systems provided by Voice ETC’s cloud call center.
  • Quickly create a new user by going to the “add new” tab, entering the required details, and finally hitting “save.”
  • Choose “Departments” to make a new department and invite people to join it. Choose “Add new” from the menu in the top right if you’d like to start a new department. You will notice that some parts are present. Fill out the form to establish a new department.
  • The final stage in creating an IVR using the Voice ETC web interface is to set up the call flow. The “Current call flow” and any drafts are shown on the screen when you choose the “Design call flow” tab. To initiate a new call, click the “Create new” button located in the upper right-hand corner.
  • According to your company’s specifications, a new screen will pop up asking for the required information.
  • The “save to preview” button is located in the bottom right corner and will allow you to build your call flow. Afterward, a summary of your call flow will be displayed. After viewing, you can choose “publish” and then “confirm” to finalize the process.
  • Oh, I see! You can now use the business number or the lowest toll-free number in India that Voice ETC provided you to access the IVR services.

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How To Put IVR to Best Use For Your Business?

Just because you’ve set up your initial IVR menu doesn’t mean client needs can’t change.

  • Listening in on live chats with agents,
  • keeping a careful check on your call logs, and
  • adding notes to your contacts list

All these points might help you figure out why consumers are calling and who they are attempting to reach.

Features to look for when getting a IVR system for your e-commerce store

Getting the best Cloud IVR Solution with the right tools for your e-commerce business is easy and affordable with Voice ETC. A good interactive voice response (IVR) supplier will have features like:

  • Efficient user interface for message customization
  • Flexibility in scaling
  • Track missed calls and understand agent effectiveness with multiple-level IVR insights.
  • Reliable technical support.
  • Tools powered by artificial intelligence and other modern technologies


IVR systems by Voice ETC are easy to use, practical, and cost-effective, and can help any e-commerce business increase productivity while decreasing costs. Incorporating an IVR system into your business immediately will help you achieve your objectives.

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